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Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

How Do I know What Type of Sump Pump I have?

Knowing what type of pump works best for your situation will keep failures, flooded basements and other hazards to a minimum. There are two main types of sump pumps: pedestal and submersible.

⇒ Pedestal type pumps have their motors attached to the top of a shaft. The motor is not designed to be under water. A pedestal pump works well in small diameter basins.

⇒ Submersible pumps are designed to sit in the base of the sump basin, below water level. These pumps are more adapted to larger sump basins and are typically quieter than pedestal pumps.

Sump pumps usually come with an automatic on/off switch. A float switch is the most common. As the float rises with rising water levels in the basin, the pump is started after the water rises to a certain level.

Why Should I Invest In a Back Up Sump Pump?

A back-up sump pump can be an added level of protection against water damage to your home. A basement will have a variety of safeguards in place:

⇒ A sump pump to collect groundwater and  pump it away from the house.

⇒ Landscape graded away from the foundation that directs the water away from the house.

⇒ Gutters to collect rainwater, and downspouts to empty the water away from the foundation.

⇒ A waterproof barrier installed around the outside perimeter of the foundation.

If any of these basement waterproofing systems are missing or compromised, water may collect around the house and seep through the foundation or floor. The cause of a wet basement may be hard to diagnose and costly to fix. A back-up sump pump can be an added level of protection against water damage to your home.

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